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The MBA Approach to Pain Relief® offers exciting, common sense training that will leave you wondering why no one has given you this information before.

  • Learn how ordinary, everyday activities, even sitting too much, can be a major cause of postural distortion, resulting in chronic or persistent pain & injury, as well as decreased athletic performance.
  • Understand why "balanced" treatment protocols or exercise and stretching programmes are almost always WRONG for clients needing pain relief.
  • Discover the "perpetuating factors" that block your clients’ progress, and how you can help eliminate them.
  • Know how to chart and analyze your clients’ structure, posture, and muscle balance on all 3 planes.
  • After learning how to do this detailed, precise, and meaningful postural and structural analysis, you’ll learn how to unravel the mysteries of chronic pain, and correct for skeletal asymmetries (such as a small hemipelvis or anatomical leg length differentials as little as 3mm [Travell & Simons, Myofascial Pain and Dysfunction, Vol. I, p. 651]) that can be a major cause of postural distortion, and in turn a rich source of severe chronic or persistent pain.
  • Develop a custom-tailored approach for each client.
  • Most important of all, you’ll learn structural and postural contraindications and how to work safely with your clients, and avoid unintentionally harming them with your work.

If you have not yet studied postural and structural analysis, it is time to give yourself this valuable specialty. If you have studied postural and structural analysis, here is your opportunity to study the subject in much greater detail and to learn precise techniques to resolve the difficult cases that frustrate you and your clients.

Discover an exciting and effective new approach to the treatment of:

  • Migraines, headaches, whiplash
  • Jaw pain and TMJ dysfunction
  • Neck and shoulder pain / frozen shoulder
  • Back and hip pain / sciatica
  • Fibromyalgia / CFS
  • OOS / Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
  • Chronic and recurrent Injuries
  • Vertigo/tinnitus and much more …

This seminar is invaluable for exercise physiologists; massage therapists; reflexologists; kinesiologists; acupuncturists; neuromuscular therapists; personal trainers; coaches; fitness educators; gym instructors; nurses; osteopaths; podiatrists; chiropractors; occupational therapists; Pilates, Feldenkrais, and Alexander practitioners; physiotherapists; medical doctors; dentists; and all professionals involved in occupational health & wellness.

Feedback from Al Skrobisch’s previous New Zealand seminars speaks for itself:

"I now use this analytical process (MBA) with every new patient I see in my practice."
(Musculoskeletal Physician, Auckland)

"(This was) the most thought-provoking seminar in a long time."
(Osteopath, Queenstown)

"Postural Analysis will certainly be a valuable diagnostic tool in my clinical practice."

(Physiotherapist, Christchurch)

“Must tell you that the piece of black rubber stuff for my chair has been a miracle worker on my shoulder whilst sitting at desk typing.  THANKS!!!

(Satisfied patient of MBA Seminar attendee - Exercise Physiologist, Wellington)

"I learned how to check alignment, pelvic tilts and rotation, and am a lot more aware of postural and structural imbalances, where they come from, and how to correct for them. I realise just how important a structural and postural assessment is before you can prescribe correct exercises for any individual. Whether a client’s goals consist of weight/body fat loss, muscle hypertrophy and conditioning, or fitness and endurance, a precise assessment is vital!"

(Head Trainer, Les Mills Gym, Auckland area)

"A whole new area of learning. Excellent!"
(Dentist, Auckland)

"(I particularly liked learning how to carry out) structural evaluation"
(Osteopath, Rotorua)

"(This seminar) goes back to basics and re-builds with new information and experience."
(Physiotherapist, Rotorua) 

"The quality of your seminar is first rate; I would recommend it to anybody."
(Osteopath, Gisborne)
Instructor Al Skrobisch, C.N.M.T., who practised in Texas, USA and has now relocated to Auckland, New Zealand has presented this fascinating seminar several times throughout New Zealand and Australia since 2003. These popular seminars were quickly sold out, and many people were too late to sign up and had to be turned away.


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MBA Pain Relief Seminars
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Instructor: Al Skrobisch (C.N.M.T., C.Hom., B.A., Honours Graduate B.C.M.T.) is a St. John Neuromuscular Therapist specialising in pain relief. He has relocated his practice from Texas, USA to Auckland, New Zealand and he is the author of the fascinating and helpful book, Pain Relief for Life. A popular and enthusiastic teacher, Al is consistently praised for his dynamic, focused teaching style, his sense of humour, and especially his ability to make even complex anatomical concepts clear and easy to understand.
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